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To get answers to questions you may have, read the frequently asked questions below or click here to contact BabyPool.com's User Support Team.

1. How Do I make a contribution to the baby pool I was invited to?

This depends on how the pool was set up by the administrator, there are pools that only accept contributions through PayPal, pools that only accept contribuions by the pool administrator or pools that accept both. Refer to the Home Page of the babypool you were invited to, at the top of the home page it will state how donations are accepted for the pool you have been invited to. When you reserve blocks in the baby pool the reservation procedure will default to the chosen method of contribution or display options for you to choose.

2. Is there any way I can see who suggested which names, or what gender specific people guessed for the baby?

If Surveys and Polls are allowed by the baby pool administrator the baby pool menu will have a "Surveys & Polls" menu item. To view the baby pool survey results, choose the "Surveys & Polls" menu item. A listing of the surveys and polls as well as the results will be displayed. To manage the surveys and polls log in to the administration section and choose the "Surveys & Polls" menu item. Suggested baby names can be managed by choosing the "List Participants" menu item.

3. I was invited to a baby pool but I no longer have the e-mail invitation that was sent to me. Is there any way I can get the link to the Baby Pool?

On the BabyPool.com home page there is a link to retrieve Baby Pool links you have been invited to, enter your email address and a listing of baby pools you have been invited to will be eimailed to you.

4. When I try to reserve blocks why do I get a "Data Encryption Error"?

If you are using an Apple Macintosh computer with an older version web browser upgrade your web browser to the latest version.

5. Does BabyPool.com support the birth of twins or other multiple births?

Yes. You do not have to do anything extra to set up this type of baby pool. The only difference is that at the conclusion of your Baby Pool choose the menu item "Close the Pool" in the administration section; enter the birth information for the first baby born and then you will click on the link that reads "Click here to add another birth" and enter the information for the next baby born, and so on. The pool will close and winners will be chosen based on the rules and options you choose for your baby pool.

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